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When students are given the opportunity to put educational theory into practice in the US in an internship, futures are made!


Jericho Foundation Scholars come to the US for a 6-week learning and professional program in their study areas, usually in their 3rd or 4th year of college. Scholars have an opportunity to become an even more competitive applicant upon graduation. Students learn specialized skills in their field and learn about the U.S., our way of life, and our business practices. They practice communication, teamwork, and problem solving, desirable skills taught best in a real-world setting.


100% of our students who have participated in the U.S. program gained employment within six months following graduation. Employers in BiH expressed that the U.S. experience made them the leading candidates, especially important in a country with 50% youth unemployment. Jericho Foundation Scholars have expanded horizons to contribute to an even brighter future for BiH.


Our partner organizations have shared having a Jericho student in their workplace creates a more vibrant work environment, and their employees have benefited from the ideas, insights, and learning opportunities provided by our diverse and multicultural scholars. Your team will have the opportunity to learn as much from your international student as they will learn from you!


When you host a Jericho scholar, you bring our world closer together. Here are testimonials from two of our recent internship hosts.


"This is something that can change a life. You don’t get an opportunity to do that every day, and that was a motivation for our company. They’re going to be leaders in their country, and that can change the trajectory of cultures and things." Jack Michael, AVB Commercial President 


"My team has been touched by our intern. Having somebody come from the other side of the world and teach us about his culture and also experience the U.S. culture for the first time has been eye-opening, not just for me, but really for my team. They’re never going to unlearn what they have learned about what it’s like to live, work and study in Bosnia." Jody Meyers, IT Manager, Corporate Information Systems at Bronson Healthcare


If your organization is interested in learning more about hosting a scholar, please contact us!

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Scholars Need Guest Housing: Can You Open Your Home?

Jericho Scholars live with a local host family during their 6-week internship. Host families play a big role by immersing them in a variety of activities and experiences. The students’ cultural immersion improves their English language skills, increases understanding of diverse cultural and community perspectives, and helps our scholars develop even greater self-confidence through a greater understanding of the world’s cultures.


One host family said it best, “It’s pretty cool how exponential the impact is; it’s not just the one person you are hosting or who is in the program. It’s their whole family, it’s their whole community. It really feels like Jericho’s goals are achievable. “ Katherine Wolverton, US host


To learn more about hosting a scholar in your home, please contact us for more information!


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