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Are you ready to learn more about BiH and our students in person? Do you wonder how you can help with our mission?

We’ve got big plans, and you’ve got a big part to play! Preparation begins long before our trips, and the small groups are chosen from our existing donors, supporters, and new contacts.


Focus: The main focus of the student leadership seminars is the continued development of our scholars. We will also work to increase knowledge of BiH through home visits and/or visiting historical sites. Participants can contribute as speakers, small group leaders, and support staff (team-building, organizing, relationship champions, etc.). Wonder where you'll fit?  We will have training leading up to the trip to help assess and utilize everyone's strengths.

DATES: APRIL 14 - 21


April 14 - Depart US

April 15  - Arrive in BiH

April 16 - Tour day

April 19 - 21 - Seminar

April 21 - Depart BiH

Trip Cost: $900 (Airfare NOT Included)


Dates TBD

Trip Cost: $900 (Airfare NOT Included)


Fall Leadership Seminar 2023 

Jericho Foundation Sarajevo Sept 2023 - Group Photos 002.jpg

Our students have a safe, open, and approachable space for dialogue. Scholars grow in self-awareness, understand different cultures, reconstruct perceptions of other groups, and become empowered to promote unity in their spheres of influence, resulting in a more unified country. The seminar will allow you to share your knowledge, mentor others, or simply develop friendships with scholars. 

Ready to travel with us?
Apply Below


We'd say the experience is pretty priceless, but here's the fine print of the tangible trip fees.

TRIP - $900


What does this include?

- Ground transportation in Bosnia

- Travel/medical insurance

- All meals 

- Lodging (based on single occupancy)

- Tours  and/or home visits

- Translator and administration costs in BiH

**If your travel to and from the airport is outside of Jericho's specified travel times, you will be responsible for additional costs.



*Airline cost is NOT included. We are happy to assist you with booking flights.

  • How do I book my flights?
    The Jericho Foundation with will select the preferred dates and times of travel for the team. If you choose to book your flights outside of the given dates/times, any additional travel costs will be your responsibility. If you need help booking flights, we are happy to assist.
  • What about the money?
    If your application is accepted, you will be sent a link to pay trip costs. A payment schedule will be given at the first team meeting. Fundraising is a great way to get others involved in your mission trip and reduce your cost. You can request a fundraising guide to help you get a jump start. *Once purchased, each airline handles refunds uniquely but it will be your responsibility to seek out the various avenues to pursue a refund. All other trip fees are nonrefundable unless the trip is cancelled by the organization.
  • Is there any type of training before we leave?
    Yes! We love team building, and we’ve designed a training curriculum that will help prepare you for the trip through monthly meetings. As a participant, you are agreeing to attend these meetings ready to learn and excited to share. We will cover topics like country context, daily schedules, devotions, and what to pack; basically, all the nitty gritty details of going abroad. Out of town members can meet zoom into meetings.
  • Do people speak English?
    The primary language in the country is Bosnian. However, the vast majority of our students speak English and you will be able to converse regularly with them. We may face some language barriers with younger children and other people we serve however, there will always be someone present who can translate.
  • Am I going to be "roughin' it?
    We are traveling to serve, and our accommodations are comfortable but simple. With that in mind, we remain flexible and culturally aware that spaces are not always as large in European countries as in the US. We will always be staying in a safe and secure place with all the basic necessities.
  • Is Bosnia and Herzegovina safe?
    Bosnia is a safe country, but just like the US, you have to use wisdom in big cities and crowded areas. We always have a local person with us to help us navigate geographically as well as culturally. Although you assume liability on a mission trip, you do not need to be concerned about your safety while in the country. We've come up with rules and guidelines to help us maximize the experience and safety. Bosnia has all the necessary infrastructure such as public transport and clean drinking water from faucets. You do not need any special immunizations to visit BiH!

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Wondering what comes next or need clarification on something?  Do you have a group or business that wants to organize a trip?  If so, please click the Contact Us button below, and let’s dream together!

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