Civil war broke out in Yugoslavia, plunging Bosnia and Herzegovina into a brutal war that would pit neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend. It was this war, that lead to the death of Joanna’s sister-in-law, Collette, the first U.S. civilian casualty of the war.


Jericho’s director and founder, Joanna Shields, was only 8 years old when her family began hosting foreign exchange students.

This exposure gave her a cultural sensitivity and planted the international seed in her heart.

Joanna and her family with their foreign exchange student from Germany.


Seeking closure, Joanna traveled to the Balkans with a group of volunteers where she encountered a little girl at a refugee camp. Melisa, only 9 at the time, spoke four simple words that changed the course of both of their lives, “please don’t forget me.”

After a few years of exchanging letters with young Melisa, Joanna made her second trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina where her eyes were opened to the harsh realities of war.


The Jericho Foundation became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to send Melisa to college. It was this year that Melisa also made her first trip to the United States to stay with the Shields Family.

Joanna and her son, Cameron, traveled to Bosnia and first connected with an orphanage in Zenica. On that trip, they met Elvedin, who would become the first to attend college from the orphanage.

(Elvedin and Joanna )

Jericho took its first team from the United States to serve at an orphanage in Bosnia. This marked the first Project Hope Trip which is now taken annually. On this trip, we provide backpacks with everyday necessities for the kids along with activities that teach hygiene and healthy habits.

Jericho moved to its official headquarters office, donated by Jon Pellowe at Cornerstone Technologies in Kalamazoo, MI. Additionally, the Jericho Scholarship Program grew from 1 student in 2003 to 10 students, and we celebrated our first Jericho graduate!

Jericho began bringing scholars from our education program in BIH to the U.S. for six weeks, for a cultural and professional visit, to increase their job prospects in the BIH workforce following graduation.

Our second employee joined the team! Kalyn started as an intern and became our Program Manager. We also outgrew our Night of Hope fundraising venue and moved the event to the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Downtown Kalamazoo.

Responding to the education gap presented by our students, Jericho launched its first Fall Leadership Summit in Mostar. Our scholarship program grew to 30 current students and had 7 alumni! To accommodate our growing program, we welcomed Sanja, our first employee in BiH, to the team!

Kalyn, our program manager, traveled to Bosnia for a four-month research and relationship building mission. A Masters student in International Development, Western Michigan University endorsed this project to give Kalyn degree credit. She worked to gain greater insight into the BiH education system, build relationships with our students, and identify potential partnerships within the country. It was also during this time that Jericho officially became a registered foreign nonprofit in Bosnia and Herzegovina and opened our office in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

Jericho has grown to have 46 current students on scholarship with 23 alumni. This year we are celebrating a 100% employment rate of our graduates. We also welcomed our newest team member, Sarah to our U.S. office!

Jericho is a faith-based 501(c)(3) charity. Our faith drives our mission to serve youth in BIH. Our programs are designed to promote unity between various ethnic, religious, or socio-economic groups.                                                                             


On a mission to restore HOPE in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one child at a time.


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Brace Begic 64 Sarajevo, 71000 - Bosnia and Herzegovina