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BECOME AN AMbassador




An ambassador is an individual or business that gives their time, talents, and finances to promote and support Jericho’s mission, vision, and goals. They are passionate and committed to empowering the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Raising community awareness through events and networking, along with sharing expertise, are among the ways that you or your organization can champion the Jericho students.

Becoming an ambassador for Jericho is a great way to make a difference in student’s lives and support a cause that has a global impact.




Symphony's partnership with the Jericho Foundation is an excellent example of how businesses can collaborate with nonprofits to make a real difference. As a strategic ambassador to the Jericho Foundation, Symphony plays a vital role in helping to empower and build the future workforce in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Symphony's platform is a powerful catalyst that influences and raises awareness of Jericho's mission and goals and connects Jericho with well-respected, influential people and businesses in B&H. Symphony's co-founders, Haris Memic and Muamer Cisija, and the executive team assisted the Jericho Foundation in strategizing, executing, and optimizing its efforts.


This level of involvement is truly remarkable and a testament to Symphony's commitment to the Jericho Foundation and the youth of B&H. Symphony's support for Jericho's holistic scholarships, leadership development programs, and US learning experiences is also significant. Investing in B&H's next generation of leaders and changemakers is essential for the country's future. Together, they give young people the hope, motivation, and resources they need to succeed.



The collaboration between XYLLION and Jericho Foundation marks a powerful synergy between two organizations dedicated to positively impacting society. As a relatively new player in the real estate development market, XYLLION has shown an unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of future generations. Our mission is not just about constructing buildings but building a better future. We believe in creating spaces that inspire and elevate lives. On the other hand, the Jericho Foundation is a beacon of hope and change, rallying monthly donors to support the youth and rewrite their destinies. Their tireless efforts raise significant funds annually to bring tangible hope to the oppressed people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Jericho's programs are nothing short of transformative, emphasizing holistic care, expanding opportunities, fostering personal relationships, and promoting education. The collaboration between XYLLION and the Jericho Foundation signifies a shared vision: to empower the youth, provide them with growth opportunities, and create a brighter, more promising future. Together, we are building not just structures but also dreams, impacting the lives of those who need it most. This partnership embodies our collective commitment to improving the world, one step at a time.

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Aida & Damir Kamber are Bosnian war refugees living in the US whose education changed the trajectory of their lives. They are passionate about their two girls, Sara & Maya, giving back to communities in Bosnia and the US and making the world a kinder place. They enjoy cheering their girls on in gymnastics and swimming, cheering Bosnian students in being open-minded, working towards their education and life goals, and working through the war trauma by offering mentoring, community, and financial assistance these students need to move forward with their lives and make a positive impact on their own communities.

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Want to learn more?

Please contact us via email at to inquire about specific opportunities such as those listed below. Thank you for your interest in supporting Jericho and our mission to empower the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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