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A message from our Founder, Joanna Shields.

Your generous support and faith in our Jericho Scholars and programs empowered our students to successfully navigate the challenges posed by the Covid19 pandemic. Here are several good news items I'd like to share. First, thank you so very much for your extra donations, which allowed us to maintain our students' financial support and even provided a bit of extra help for the families. Second, our graduating scholars have seen an expansion of employment opportunities, and the US internship experience is always cited as the reason the student got the interview from a huge field of qualified applicants. Third, more Jericho Alumni are stepping up to mentor and provide financial support to current students. Additionally, more alums are helping out and teaching at our annual seminars. Fourth, the pandemic has changed the way we operate this last year and a half, but it has not changed our "why." If anything, we have learned new ways to help our students including enhanced communication. Our seminar was a big success, and you can read student comments below. 

Please read more to learn about our student successes, our upcoming events, and more ways you can help make a difference in our Jericho Scholars' lives. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your part in changing lives across the world.


Joanna Shields


Student Highlight: Dzeneta is excited to update you on her educational journey and her NEW job opportunity.

Dzeneta is an example of the success stories Jericho Scholars live and dream. With your ongoing support, we work hard to eliminate the barriers students like Dzeneta experience including lack of resources to pay for college. Because of your help, students like Dzeneta find a job in BiH and stay in the country to help rebuild. Competing against overwhelming numbers of applicants in a country suffering from nearly 60% youth unemployment, most young educated graduates leave the country, resulting in a brain drain and hurting the country's chances for rebuilding. Not so with Dzeneta! This year, she and three other Jericho Scholars have received employment offers BEFORE graduation in-country. Dzeneta is just one example of your impact on the story of a rising generation. With your help, we are re-writing the narrative for Jericho Scholars and changing their legacy to BiH for generations to come! Thank you, and good work, Dzeneta!


Meet, Ena! Jericho's newest team member.

In May, Ena Jugo, a Jericho Alum from 2018 joined the Foundation as our new Student Coordinator serving our scholars in BiH. With 48 current students, Ena is helping fill the gap to meet our students' holistic needs for success. Ena is the perfect counterpart to Mirela, who has been our Program Manager for 2 years. This dynamic duo will help our scholars be even more successful in pursuing their dreams!

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After graduating from the Faculty of Teacher Education through the Department of Psychology at the University of Mostar, Ena completed an internship here in the US at Stryker and Kalamazoo Psychology. She then volunteered at the Bijeli Brijeg Hospital in Mostar and at the Mostar Penitentiary while doing research for ` master's thesis. This led to her working as a Project Counselor to disabled people from all over BiH. Now she is helping our students one-on-one, and she is also participating in an ongoing project, Global Exchange on Religion in Society, for the next 14 months.

Welcome, Ena! We are so glad to have you sharing your Jericho Scholar educational experiences with our current students!

Spring Leadership Seminar.


We kicked off our virtual Spring Leadership Seminar on May 21st. During the two-day seminar, we heard from 3 amazing speakers including Shelley Tindall (Licensed Counselor) about mental well-being during a pandemic, Bryan Carey (Peace Catalyst International) on Peacemaking and Keeping, and Edin Hasakovic (Jericho Alum) on navigating the job force post-graduation. Although we interacted virtually, there was engagement, small group discussions, and lots of learning! We are so thankful for those who spoke and participated. If you are interested in presenting a topic to our students, reach out to us for more info at -- shout out to our two BiH Employees, Mirela & Ena for planning and executing this event


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Thank you to our Small group leaders for facilitating discussions in between sessions to increase comprehension: Jason & Alicia Meister, Mark & Ann Drake, Julie Carver, Mike & Kim Dudley, Kellie Simmons, Scott & Shelley Tindall, Erik & Kalyn Hoffman.

"I would like you all to know that we are so grateful to have such a strong support system and people who make sure that our personal growth reaches a new level each year. We are always much more motivated to study hard and to invest our time in contributing to the community after meetings like this one. THANK YOU."

"The topics were insightful, smart, and well-prepared. Especially Edin's take on the job market. It was an excellent addition to the seminar!" 



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Thanks to the generosity shown by our partners and intern host companies: Sharp Smile Center, Tommy's Carwash Corporate Office, Mindset PT, and Argenta Park. Your generous support and taking the time to demonstrate effective business practices ensure our top scholars receive the mentorship and hands-on learning they need. They return to BiH equipped with the skills to compete in a tough job market, land an excellent first job, and become leaders of their generation. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of these internship experiences. 

Additional thanks to our intern host families: Mike & Julie Sharp (Amina), Andy and Kathie Hoekstra (Amina), Mark & Ann Drake (Demir), Dan & Laura Schied (Marijeta), Chelsea & Justin Horn (Melina), Jeremy & Ruth Harper (Zorana).

Next year, your organization can help our efforts by providing a spot for an intern in your organization or home. Contact us at for more information!

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Get ready for our 18th annual Night of Hope Silent Auction & Dinner IN PERSON. Don't miss your chance to bid on a great vacation, themed baskets, and raffle items! Enjoy entertainment, food,and a guest speaker from BiH. 

"Thank you for believing in me. I know you're doing your best on your side and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! It's not only financial aid, you're creating a new way of life for me and for my future patients. Guided by your generosity, I've learned that there is something much bigger than stability, there is an opportunity for bringing new hope to the lives of those who need it. I'll do my best to continue developing my vision of aiding others and every time I'll have you, Jericho supporter, on my mind. Thank you once more!"


-Darko, Current Jericho Scholar