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See firsthand how we are empowering youth in BiH through college scholarships and workshops. Share your expertise with scholars and connect with staff.

Are you ready to learn more about BiH and our students in person?  Are you ready to see for yourself how you can help with our mission? We’ve got big plans, and you’ve got a big part to play! Preparation begins long before our trips, and the small groups are chosen from our existing donors and supporters and new contacts. Please consider one of these two annual trips.

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SEPT. 19 - 27  //  TEAM LIMIT: 12-14 PEOPLE

**Can't go for the full trip? Talk to us about flexible date options

This trip is an excellent choice for those who are thinking about an even deeper involvement with the Jericho Foundation. You will receive an in-depth history of the Balkans while learning about its beauty and hopeful citizens. You will have a chance to share your knowledge at our spring student seminar. It’s a wonderful chance to connect and share your expertise and heart while building relationships to empower our scholars.

**Application closed for 2020

Our annual Fall Leadership Summit is the heart of the Education Project, where the curriculum helps fill gaps in our students’ education and helps them become competitive applicants in the BiH workforce. You will have an opportunity to teach, mentor, or simply serve our scholars throughout the 5-day Summit. Are you up for the challenge?

**Application closes June 1st

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas?

Do you have a group or business that wants to organize a trip? If so, please click the Contact Us button below, and let’s dream together!