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See firsthand how we are empowering youth in BiH through college scholarships and workshops. Share your expertise with scholars and connect with staff.

Are you ready to learn more about BiH and our students in person?  Are you ready to see for yourself how you can help with our mission? We’ve got big plans, and you’ve got a big part to play! Preparation begins long before our trips, and the small groups are chosen from our existing donors and supporters and new contacts. Please consider one of these two annual trips.

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FALL SEMINAR 2022 - TRIP A: SEPT 16 -26   TRIP B: SEPT 19-26

Our annual student Leadership seminars are the heart of our Education program where the curriculum helps fill gaps in our students’ education and helps them become competitive applicants in the BiH workforce. We bring together students of all ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. For many of our scholars, this is their first extended interaction with those of different ethnicities, as these opportunities are rarely available in a country still suffering from the cracks of segregation inflamed by the war in the ’90s.

Our students have a safe, open, and approachable space for dialogue. Scholars grow in self-awareness, gain an understanding of different cultures, reconstruct perceptions of other groups, and become empowered to promote unity in their spheres of influence, which will ultimately result in a more unified country.

You will have an opportunity to teach, mentor, or simply build friendships with scholars throughout the Seminar.

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