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our NAME


While searching for inspiration for a name that would honor not only her parents but also her faith, Joanna decided to return to her roots for some answers.

Joanna grew up on a rural centennial farm on the outskirts of Lansing, Michigan. The back 40 acres of their land was once a small town with a story. Her father spoke about the town when it consisted only of a few houses owned by blacksmiths, while his mother would bring plates of food to their neighbors. Joanna remembers searching for hidden treasures around the area as a child. This once small town was named “Jericho.”


When Jericho came to mind, another story emerged. In the Bible, a good Samaritan traveling to Jericho was the only person to stop and help a man in need. He "loved his neighbor as himself."


Inspired by these memories, Jericho has become a symbol of faith, family and a pillar of hope.

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